The new extreme trampoline park - Rockin' Jump is going to open up soon! Matt and Naomi got the chance to take a sneak peek inside, and they show you what you can expect your first time at Rockin' Jump.

You'll be pretty surprised your first time at Rockin' Jump. It's not just jumping on a trampoline for a few hours - They have tons more going on. Sure, there's jumping on trampolines, but they also have multiple arenas for jumping, including one that have basketball hoops (so you can work on your slam-dunk game). Rockin' Jump even has a rock wall!

Matt and Naomi got the chance to check out this extreme trampoline park, and it's safe to say they both had wayyyy too much fun! Naomi Lynn even wants to throw a party here.

So what is it like? What can you expect your first time there? Well, get ready to have a lot of fun, that's for sure. But also get ready to get a good workout in - That part, you'll probably not even notice is happening.

Rockin' Jump is available for birthday parties, as a fun hangout for the kids on a rainy weekend, or even for getting the little ones (and you) out for a jumping workout class. You can get more details on everything they have to offer, on the Rockin' Jump website here.

You can also keep up-to-date with everything they're doing by liking Rockin' Jump on Facebook.




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