Home video company Shout! Factory has just acquired the New Horizons Pictures library, which contains 270 classic Roger Corman films including Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, Battle Beyond the Stars, Piranha, Galaxy of Terror, Bloodfist, Black Scorpion, Eat My Dust!, Humanoids from the Deep, Slumber Party Massacre, and Forbidden World. 

Shout! Factory had just formed production arm Shout! Studios in November, and their newly acquired Corman library will allow them to not only redistribute these movies in new home video formats, but also potentially work on remaking and rebooting some of these properties, as studios are wont to do nowadays with classically popular stories.

Shout! Factory’s deal with Roger and Julie Corman allows for “new content development, remakes, merchandise licensing programs, digital media initiatives, and content syndication (streaming, TV, EST, and VOD) to domestic and international territories.  Future endeavors on the movie/series remake of select film properties will be developed, produced, and distributed either by Shout’s filmed entertainment production and distribution arm, Shout! Studios or ACE and its various strategic partners in Asia.” Shout! Factory’s acquisition of these movies is part of a co-producing deal with China-based Ace Film HK Company Limited (ACE).

A lot of these movies are old enough that reboots, if well-conceived, could actually be really fun. What do you think — are we on the cusp of a possible new Roger Corman cinematic universe?

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