Talk about a McDonald's takeover...

A couple who first met at a McDonald's in Rome, New York, then married, returned over the weekend, according to this story from WKTV to celebrate their 50th anniversary (September 30, 2017, for posterity's sake) with family and friends where they fell in love.

Gary and Elaine Neidl began their story at the McDonald's in Rome 52 years prior to 2017, when they "met cute" by chance at the Rome franchise.

It was 1965, just three years after the McDonald's Corporation introduced its iconic Golden Arches and the same year McDonald's went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

The rest is history--for McDonald's and the Neidls, who have since moved to Florida, where they reside year-round.

Fast food restaurants have become such an integral part of America's cultural fabric, with high school kids taking their senior pictures inside a Taco Bell, to birthday parties at Five Guys, and now anniversaries under the Golden Arches.


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