June 12th will always be an important date in Naomi Lynn's life. It will be an anniversary she'll never forget, and a day her entire life changed forever.

Before I go any further, let me just say my life changed forever on June 12, 2011... For the better. That day dreams came true. It was my first day on-air, a paid radio job, where I had my own show. Sure, I had gone to school, I had trained for this moment. I even interned and had been on the radio many times. But June 12th was the first day I was an employee of the radio station. June 12th was the first day I "cracked the mic" and got paid to do it.

That was seven years ago, and although that moment will always be fresh in my mind, it's safe to say a lot has changed in those years. Just look at this photo:

Photo Credit: Laura Luchtman

Look at that scared young girl! That photo was taken by Laura Luchtman, a former on-air personality at the country station down the hall from the station I started on. She was also the one I interned with months before I was hired in at the station. I have to give her the biggest thanks for giving me the tools I needed to get started in radio world, and for capturing this photo just minutes before my first live break on WBTI.

But that was then, I grew a lot over the last few years. From my first station event (which was just a few months after that first photo):

Photo Credit: Annie Spears

To getting more confident on-air and at station events:

Photo Credit: Aricka McCauley

...And fundraisers:

Photo Credit: Danielle Jacolik

To meeting fans and followers:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

And then, on this roller coaster ride called life, on such an adventure while living the dream, I took another leap in my career. That's when I moved out to New York and started working on Lite 98.7, and these last 3-plus years have been amazing! From my first live broadcast at Hannaford:

Eric Meier/TSM

To getting comfortable and confident in this new area, and new chapter of my life:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

To getting a little too comfortable (and goofy):

Naomi Lynn/TSM

And broadcasting interviews:

Photo Credit: Danielle Monaski

And meeting followers and fans in New York:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

To emceeing events:


And volunteering time to answer phones for St. Jude:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

To helping out our sister stations at events they put on:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Yes, it has been a wonderful, crazy, hectic, stressful, fun, adventurous, unbelievable seven years, and I can't believe it has ALREADY been seven years... And it's ONLY been seven years.

Take a look back at your own journey, whether it's a relationship you're in, how long you've been at your job or in your career, or even how long you've lived in the home you're at now. Look how much has changed from day one to where you are now. It's pretty crazy, right?!

Thank you for taking this journey with me (whether you've followed my story, or you just happen to stumble across this article). I'm looking forward to the rest of my life in this crazy industry.