Look at this baby's little face. I know, she's adorable right?

This is Ruby. She was brought to the Humane Society of Rome on Sunday morning by a community member who noticed she was in need of some help.

Why was Ruby in need of help? Staff members for the shelter say she had a very bad run-in with a not-so-nice animal. A porcupine.

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You wouldn't be able to tell by the photo above necessarily, but Ruby arrived for staff to find quite a lot of little quills shot into her face. This photo is rather graphic, as a warning.

Credit: Humane Society of Rome
Credit: Humane Society of Rome

According to the Humane Society of Rome, the quills were removed and she will be on medication for a few days to help with pain and infection. For those who don't know, porcupine quills are something that have to be removed with the utmost carefulness. The reason is that quills have pointed barbs. The sharpness makes quills get deeper into the flesh of an animal, so it is wise to remove the quills at the earliest time possible.

Ruby's exam/X-ray showed some minor concerns with her lungs too, so she is being monitored closely.

Ruby is currently recovering with her foster "paw-rent", however her most recent medical bills has put a strain on the shelter's medical fund. They are hoping that some generous community members can donate some money to help with costs associated to run-ins like this in the future.

To donate to the medical fund for Ruby, please visit this link and select medical fund as the donation type: https://humanesocietyrome.com/one-time-donation/

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Posted by Humane Society of Rome on Monday, October 12, 2020

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