It wasn't long ago that six-year-old Elena Cole started asking her parents questions about the homeless population in Central New York. Now, instead of doing all the typical things that regular six-year-olds would be doing, she's doing her part to help.

“They [homeless] needed money to buy food and get water,” Cole told CNY Central. “I wanted to start off just handing out money to them but then I decided to make a pickle stand."

Cole told her parents her ideas on how to raise the funds and they were fully on board. Her and her father starting building and discovered a family recipe to create the pickles she'd be selling to raise money for the homeless.

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She turned all the ingredients into money to donate to the Syracuse non-profit benefitting the homeless, In My Father’s Kitchen. Depending on the jar’s size, she charged $5 or $10.

She's already raised hundreds of dollars selling her pickles, but hit a point where she needed more pickling cucumbers in order to keep the booth running.

A Child Shall Lead Them

Posted by In My Father's Kitchen on Friday, October 9, 2020

With the support of Andy's Produce and the co-founder of In My Father's Kitchen, John Tumino, the pickling cucumbers were made available for Elena. A bushel of the cucumbers were donated by Andy's Produce so Elena could continue selling.

Are you a pickle lover? Are you willing to make this six-year-old make a difference? Do so by purchasing some pickles! To place an order, you can e-mail

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