My exploring, learning, and adventures continue in Central New York. This weekend I went to the city of Rome (which happened to be a whole lot bigger than I expected).

I was also spoiled this weekend with a pair of tour guides for 'New to Naomi.' (a coworker- Dave Wheeler, and his wife Sarah). It does make exploring a lot easier when I'm with someone who is actually from the area.

Saturday we ventured into Rome - checked out the Erie Canal, Fort Stanwix, the downtown area, the Jervis Library (yes, we did go to the library, and yes it was cooler than you think), and tons of other places.

I even got the chance to get some good food at Coalyard Charlie's.

I knew Rome was a large area, but it happened to be a lot bigger than I thought. Because of this, 'Adventures in Rome' became a two-part series. I'll have to do more exploring next weekend.




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