A Rome woman could use a helping hand trying to locate her birth father. They were separated at birth and wouldn't it be awesome to see them united at last?! 

Most of us were blessed to know our birth parents;a woman from Central New York was not so fortunate. She was adopted as a baby and has never met her father or mother. Catholic Charities of Utica handled the adoption process years ago.

Ancestry.com provided information about her birth mother: Her last name was "Lyndon," and she was 25 years old when she gave birth on October 17th, 1964 at Oswego Hospital in Oswego, New York. Ancestry.com also informed the woman that her mom passed away back in 2008.

Here's what we know about her birth father: He was about 24 old when she was born. He was 6 foot tall with brown hair and blue eyes, and weighed around 225 lbs. We also know that he worked as a laborer. According to non-id information from Catholic Charities, he was unaware of his daughter's birth.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this woman's father, send an email to this address: adoption64@gmail.com For additional information about this story CLICK HERE. Please help this woman out and share this story.


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