Just in time for Father's Day, one woman wants to give a special shoutout to her dad for everything he does not just for her, but for others as well.

Angela Bruno is pretty lucky to have an amazing dad that not only goes out of his way to help her out whenever she needs it, but to also go above and beyond at work.

Angela wrote to us about the kindness of her father, and mentioned that while she was ill, her father would bring over cases of water. Not only that, but he would also drop off some home cooked meals that her mother made. She also noted how he is "on the job"...

He is loved at work as a custodian because he takes pride in what he does and goes the extra mile for the teachers...

What a great man to go out of his way for not only his daughter, but for his fellow coworkers as well. It says a lot about someone's character. Most people expect a father to go the extra mile for his daughter (although, we know some don't), but to make it "no big deal" and to act that way towards others who are unrelated, shows real kindness.

It wasn't just this one instance, either. Angela says her father has a big heart and does random acts of kindness everyday. Thank you Angela, for sharing this story of your father Sam, with us. And thank you Sam for being a great person and an inspiration for others to go the extra mile, not just for their family, but for everyone.

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