If you've ever wanted to help shape the future, you could cast your vote to help name a pair of twin elephants at one Upstate New York zoo.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo out of Syracuse is asking for your help in naming two baby elephants:

The time has finally come, please help us choose names for our history-making baby Asian elephant twins!

Both males were born to parents Mali and Doc on October 24th 2022. So far the zoo has created a list of their favorite names to choose from. For Baby 1, the options are Yaad, Anurak, Ranvir, & Sohan. For Baby 2, the options are Tukada, Viraj, Nak su, and Kiaan.

Would you like to vote? You can do so online HERE between now and December 1st 2022 6PM.

How The Babies Birth Was A Miracle And Made History

It's one thing to hear about a birth taking place at a local zoo, which is generally very exciting news. It's ANOTHER when you hear about a birth taking place at a local zoo that makes history. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo knew their elephant, Mali, was pregnant and was awaiting the time for her to give birth. Little did they know that Mali was pregnant with twins.

To give some background, there has never been a recorded case of surviving elephant twins born in the United States, county officials said. Of the few twin pregnancies that happen, many calves are stillborn. Twins only account for 1% of elephant births worldwide, according to a news release from Onondaga County. That's what makes this birth so special and historical.

Read more on the birth story HERE.

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