In this week's segment of "The Zoo's News," we have Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, answer another question submitted by one of our listeners.

Erica from New Hartford submitted a question for "The Zoo's News." She wanted to know why the Utica Zoo doesn't have any elephants or giraffes, or animals like this. Mike Beck explains that the zoo is very unique when it comes to the land it's on. He says,

We have lots of hills, most of our exhibits are set on hills... Elephants need a lot (tons) of flat ground, so unfortunately, we'll never elephants at the Utica Zoo.


There is some good news...

Back in the fall of last year (2016), the Utica Zoo released their "Master Plan." And included in their master plan is giraffes. Not only giraffes though, the master plan also outlined an "event center." This would be an area where you could hold a wedding, graduation party, or big function, and it would overlook the giraffe exhibit. Beck mentions you can see the zoo's full master plan at:

So how can the Utica Zoo get these giraffes? Unfortunately, that's going to take some time. The zoo will need sponsors and donations to get the ball rolling on this big project. But it is something they want to do, it's in their master plan, and it's something we could be seeing in the coming years.

And you can help them get the funding they need to get giraffes. All you have to do is support the zoo. You can do that by visiting the zoo and coming to their special events and fundraisers they have going on throughout the year.

If you have a question for the Utica Zoo, a question about their upcoming events, or questions about animals they have (or don't have), you can submit it at the link below. It may be featured on another segment of "The Zoo's News."




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