Ryan Adams is really doing it, you guys. He's taking Taylor Swift's incredibly well-received album 1989 and revising it to sound far more '80s than the original gets away with. And he's going at it at an alarming pace, which is just as well for us. The sooner we get to hear his sad-sack take on Taylor's generally upbeat collection in full, the better.

After posting some very cool Taylor Swift art (in the style of Sonic Youth's Goo album cover) Adams unveiled two more cover snippets earlier today (Aug. 7). The first (which you can listen to above) is "Out of the Woods." Adams likened his cover to The Smiths’ “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore,” and its an apt comparison, though it would fit nicely on The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, too. The song maintains its pop appeal and wistful look back at a failed relationship, but trades in the fevered energy of Taylor's version for more jangly, subdued guitars.

Adams then described the next snippet, in his own words, as: "'All You Had To Do Was Stay' as heard on the Eddie & the Cruisers Part 3: Reverb Police soundtrack." Whereas Taylor sings the original with more of a "told you so" vibe, Adams' version expresses regret for the way things ultimately turned out — and there's a subtle eagerness for a return to the way things were.

There's still no time-frame as to when the covers will be completed in full and available to the general public (or if they'll ever be thrown online at all), but fingers crossed that it happens soon.

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