It looks like Sam Smith is leaving the United States, after spending almost a week in the Central New York area.

It was so exciting to hear that Sam Smith was spending a few days in CNY, and it wasn't because he was performing and then taking off to a new location. Nope, he was in town supporting his boyfriend (Brandon Flynn) while he was filming for a movie.

Now it looks like his adventure in Central New York is over with... Well, at least for now. According to, the Grammy Award-Winning singer posted a story on his Instagram of him at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. It looks like this miserable winter (even though it's technically spring) we've all been dealing with was taking a toll on Sam Smith as well. According to,

He was bundled up in a parka with a furry collar, but still looked cold and miserable.

"I'm so done with this winter," Smith wrote. "Actually f---ing me off now."

We hear you Sam, we hear you! This weather has been so terrible for all of us. And we're ready for it to actually start feeling like spring.

While Sam Smith was spending time in Upstate New York, he made some stops at places like Destiny USA, Pastabilities, and other places around the Syracuse area. Of course, he made time to stop and take photos with fans during his outings.

I may not have gotten a chance to see Sam Smith during his visit to the Central New York area (and I may be crying inside a little), but I hope he enjoyed the area, and comes back to visit from time to time. Just come back in summer, the weather does get better... Eventually.





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