When you write Santa Christmas letters with the zip code 12345, where do they end up? These letters actually end up down the thruway in Schenectady. 

If you write a letter to Santa with the zip code 12345, these letters end up at the General Electric plant in Schenectady. Come Christmas time, the GE mailroom is full of letters addressed to Candy Lane or Iceberg Drive or Chillyville, North Pole.

"Whatever it is, they seem to write 12345," said Linda Susi, one of more than a dozen GE employees who sat down yesterday to spend a long lunch helping harried ol' St. Nick keep up with his correspondence. "That's the key to this whole thing.""

According to The Baltimore Sun, the elves working at the GE plant donate lunch hours to respond to letters from children. So if you write a letter with the zip code 12345, it gets shipped right down the thruway from Central New York.


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