Most of us already recognize that Saranac products are top quality beverages, but did you know that they're sold in stores on the west coast too?

During Matt Hubbell's recent trip to California, he did a little shopping at Trader Joe's and discovered a little taste of Utica on the store room floor.

Matt Hubbell
Matt Hubbell

Saranac Brewery was recently ranked one of America's top 50 breweries so it should come as no surprise that our hometown brewery is making waves in other parts of the country too. Saranac scored high marks on the top 50 list:

In fact, the only brewery to do better then Saranac on the list was Brooklyn Brewery out of Brooklyn, NY. Did you know F.X. Matt Brewery does their bottling? They ranked at #12 on the list and not too far behind, our own hometown beer producer came in at #17

Isn't it good to know that our hometown beer is respected and sold 2700 miles away?


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