Keep calm and eat an empanada says Sarita of Sarita' mmmpanadas. An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry treat packed with meat and more that can be baked or fried. For over a year now they have been served from a vibrant mobile food cart that perhaps you've seen stationed in various locations throughout the Mohawk Valley.

Sarita serves many hungry people for lunch and late night snacks! She cooks up empanadas and much more for you to enjoy.

Keep a few bucks in your wallet, because that's all you'll need to enjoy a delicious lunch or late night snake from Sarita's.

Sarita Ruiz

Here is the menu.

Mmmpanadas: $4

~Beef & Cheese
~Sausage & Cheese
~Chicken Cilantro Lime
~Buffalo Chicken Ranch
~Veggie, Rice and Cheese
~The 360 (special request)

Sarita cookin'
Sarita Ruiz

Dessert Empanadas: $5
~Apple Delight
~'To Die For' feat. Mamies Waffles with recces pieces and fluff

Homemade Shakes: $4
~Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Banana & Passion fruit
Add Oreos for only $1 more!

Plantanos(fried bananas), sweet or green: $3

Fried Cheese: $4 for 6 slices

Deep Fried Oreos! 5 big ones for $6. Best Deep Fried Oreos EVER!

Soda/Water/Capri Sun: $1

Sarita's trailor
Sarita Ruiz

So be on the lookout for this trailer bringing a meal and dessert you will truly enjoy.

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