A scared, single mom in Ilion is warning parents of a suspicious driver seen taking pictures of kid's at local park.

Renee Rouillier is a mother of 6 children under the age of 14, 4 are her nephews who she adopted almost 11 years ago. And she's raising them on her own. "I just recently lost my fiancé of 19 years to a heart attack a week before Christmas in 2020."

Two of Rouillier's children went to the Montgomery Street Playground on Wednesday, June 2, right around the corner from where she works, to get some fresh air. "My 12 and 13-year-old sons were playing with 2 of their school friends who are 13-year-old young ladies. While at the playground they noticed a red car driving past the playground very slowly."

Rouillier says the car drove by three times before stopping. "My children noticed a flash going off on the man's phone while it was pointed at the 4 of them. My 12-year-old son thought I had sent one of my co-workers to check on them so he started to walk towards the vehicle to see if he recognized the driver. As he walked in the direction of the vehicle, it sped off. My other son took the pictures from his phone realizing no one should be taking pictures of them."

Credit - Renee L. Rouillier
Credit - Renee L. Rouillier

All four kids left the playground immediately after the incident. "They were too scared to be there by themselves." said Rouillier, who is scared for her children too. "As a widowed mother of 6, I don't even know what to do, besides having my children stay inside for the rest of their childhood when I cannot be with them."

Rouillier was born and raised in Ilion, playing at all the playgrounds, riding her bike on the streets and walking through the woods. "It's an awful feeling to fear the same neighborhoods and town I grew up in. I am beyond scared for my children's safety and for other children who play and ride their bikes up and down these streets."

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