Few things are most satisfying than pulling off a really, really good prank. We're talking about the scare-your-pants-off kind that leaves our unsuspecting little siblings and friends falling victim to tons of spazzing out and the occasional tear or two. Basically, it's the best kind of mean joke around, but it's all in good fun!

The Scary Maze Game is that kind of prank. Completing the maze requires users to intensely concentrate on their computer screens, creating perfect conditions for scary shenanigans to go down. But what could be so terrifying about an innocent computer game? The nightmare-inducing zombie girl that pops up out of nowhere accompanied by some blood-curdling screams, that's what.

This game has also created some of the most hilarious reaction videos on the Web. Screaming zombie girl has even caused a drill sergeant to freak out in fear, so we're pretty sure it's legit.

Check out the funniest reactions to The Scary Maze Game below!

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