Looking for something for that roller coaster lover in your life? Or maybe a gift for those who love water slides and rides?

Darien Lake is offering season passes for 2018, and they're on sale for the holidays. Makes a great gift for those who love to get their adrenaline going. Plus, Darien Lake has announced their new coaster "Tantrum," which is going to be a big hit for this coming summer. Let that thrill-seeker in your life experience it, as many times as they want, all summer long.

Season passes for 2018 come with a lot of perks, besides just being able to visit the park as much as you want. According to Darien Lake's website, you also get:

- 2 free friend tickets
- A bonus friend ticket if you visit on opening day
- Another bonus friend ticket if you visit before Memorial Day
- Discounted tickets for friends on specific days
- Free parking
- Free souvenir mug (with $1.49 refills), if you visit before Memorial Day
- And of course, admission to the park as much as you want for the 2018 season

For this holiday special, you'll also get a limited-edition "Tantrum" souvenir in honor of the new coaster. And season pass-holders also get special deals on lodging.

Darien Lake season passes are on sale now for $59.99 (plus tax), for the next 37 days (as of Friday, Nov. 24). You can also get upgrades to your season pass, like a meal plan that offers you a free meal every day you visit, and season long locker rentals or tube rentals. You can get more info and buy your season tickets by visiting: DarienLake.com/Season-Pass

And here's to the 2018 season at Darien Lake, and the introduction of their newest coaster "Tantrum."




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