You can expect some changes at this year's Boilermaker 15k Road Race and associated events in light of the bombing incident at the Boston Marathon.

''We work in conjunction with the city police department and fire department. All is fine right now, but we're keeping our eye on things, '' said Joseph LaBella, the co-director of security for the Utica Boilermaker as he joined WIBX First News with Keelerin the Morning on Thursday.

''I just don't want something to happen on my watch. And, while many think something like the Boston Marathon bombing incident couldn't happen in Utica, many people thought it couldn't happen in Herkimer,'' he said.

''Most sporting events are in arenas, so you can do security screenings before people go in. In the Boilermaker, it's wide open, you can't secure 15k of road,'' Labella said in explaining the challenges.

Some security enhancements will be visible to the public, LaBella said. Others will not.

''We're going to be changing some things, but we will want it to be a happy day. We want to keep it as normal as possible.''

''After Boston, every major city in the world got locked down. Thinking like a terrorist, 'Where do you go?' Secondary targets. That picture on your wall (referring to a Boilermaker post race party picture on the studio wall) there's 45,000 people right there.''

''We're still analyzing this and still meeting. We'll roll something out in the next few weeks to let the public know what is going on,'' LaBella said.

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