While many people took to Facebook bragging about how much booze they stockpiled and how Hurricane Sandy wasn't very strong at all, the following heartbreaking scenes were happening in other places. It's awful. To give you a better idea of the destruction, we've provided before pictures as well. In case you thought maybe people like to swim down FDR drive.

1. West Islip, NY

sweethavoc, Instagram

2. Seaside Heights, NJ


Telstar Logistics, Flickr


amandakelly_, Webstagram


themacgirl, Flickr


amanda_riccardi, Webstagram

3. Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY

flexx, instagram

4. Midway Beach, NJ

Friends of Midway Beach, Facebook

5. FDR Drive, New York City, NY

These photos were taken nine hours apart.

kiirstinmarilyn, Instagram

6. Breezy Point, Queens, NY

@cmure93, Twitter