Some senior citizens had a tough time finding adequate parking Monday at the Great New York State Fair--and the problems may continue this week.

In other words, Orange was the new Pink--the two lot colors that played a prominent role in the infolding drama. Monday was the first of three consecutive days in which seniors received free admission, and the place was jammed. As a result, the Pink lot, which is close to the front gate and includes handicapped parking, filled up by 11:00 AM. Then, cars were re-directed to the distant Orange lot.

One fairgoer, who arrived after the Pink lot was closed, claimed there was no convenient handicapped parking at all.

Parking issues were just the tip of iceberg. Trams utilized to shuttle folks between the parking lots and the Fairgrounds were in limited supply. Also, a few scooter rental services were sold out, and some had waiting lists.

So, many seniors were left stranded and immobilized. And it could happen again.

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27th and 28th, are also Senior Citizen Days at the State Fair, with free admission to anyone 60 and older. If you're taking advantage of the deal, you might want to arrive early in the day.

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