While the COVID pandemic has been tough on all of us, it's been especially hard on nursing home residents, who have been isolated from the outside world. Seniors at a Chittenango nursing home are hoping you'll be their pen pal.

Ever since the pandemic began, nursing home residents have been prevented from seeing their families, and their activities inside the home have been limited as well - part of an effort to keep them from getting sick. It's no surprise they're feeling a little lonely, and could use some companionship.

The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Chittenango is asking for your help - would you be a pen pal for one of their residents?

There's Don, he would love to talk about coffee, the Beatles, and hunting and fishing.

Credit: The Grand -Chittenango

Then there's Joan. She definitely misses going outside, and her family. She's got 13 grandchildren.

Credit: The Grand -Chittenango

How about Ken? He'd be the perfect pen pal to talk about the Yankees with, or the Miami Dolphins.

Credit: The Grand -Chittenango

These are just a few of the seniors looking for a pen pal. You can see more on the Grand's Facebook page.

Once you select a pen pal, just send them a letter, addressed to:

The Grand at Chittenango
(Pen Pal Name Here)
331 Russell Street,
Chittenango, NY 13037


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