If you're a New York Yankees baseball fan, or if you love poker, or tennis, or TV, or if you love to read--there are senior citizens in North Carolina seeking your letters and friendship.

The staff at Phoenix Assisted Care (affiliated with Victorian Senior Care) in Cary, which is located in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, have gone above and beyond with a great idea for its residents. They've set up a system where their residents can exchange letters with pen pals, with specific hobbies, all over the world.

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And the plan is a smash success. Just click below and look at the photos of some of these great people and messages:

If you'd like to become a pen pal, it's real easy. Just scroll through the gallery of seniors, find one with some similar interests, and start writing to your new pen pal in care of the following address:

Phoenix Assisted Care
201 West High Street
Cary, NC 27513

Many folks are also leaving messages on the Center's Facebook page, but what the seniors really want is good old-fashioned letters through the U.S. Mail.

You could make a big difference by helping fill up the life of a senior and also add some meaning to your life with a few brief letters and cards. And who knows? You might end up learning something along the way.

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