It seems like the majority of people these days live on social media sites, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any of the other ones. Well, we've got some questions for these people.

It's everywhere - in commercials, in stores, in general conversations - The swarm of social media.
"Follow us on Twitter!"
"Like my pictures on Instagram"
"Connect with me on LinkedIn."
...The list could go on and on. Well, if you're one of these social media gurus with accounts on pretty much every site, we have questions for you.

Updating Profile Pictures

First of all, how can someone possibly update their Facebook profile picture every single day? It doesn't seem like a lot, but how do you take the time out of your day to take that picture and upload it - Every. Single. Day?? Don't get me wrong, taking a picture doesn't take that much time, but I know (and the world knows), you didn't just take one selfie. There had to be at least ten other ones before you found the one you thought was good enough. Who has time for that?

Multiple Social Media Accounts

Next Question: How can you keep up with every social media site? It's understandable to have multiple ways of connecting - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatnot. But if you tell someone to reach out to you, and you hand them a card with 50 different sites on it...
Well, isn't that a little obsessive? How can you keep all those sites updated without having one fall through the cracks? How much spare time do you have on your hands??

And on multiple accounts, why is there a need for more than one Facebook account? I hear it all the time, 'Well, this is my work one, and this is my friend one...' Why? People are going to find both accounts. If you don't think you should be posting something for work reasons (or other reasons), maybe you just shouldn't post it.

Time Spent

How much time do you spend on social media in a regular day? Serious question. Think about it... Are you glued to your phone for Facebook and Twitter updates 24/7? How can you keep up with everything else you need to do in life? Or can't you? Are you missing doctor appointments and dentists appointments because you 'don't have time,' yet sit on Facebook for hours on end?
....Sounds like the start of addiction, doesn't it?


When you take a picture, do you have to upload it immediately? Does everything you do in your life need to be photographed and shared throughout the social media world? You know, some things are better left unknown (and unsaid). Maybe keep a few of those things to yourself - Including what you ate for dinner. Seriously, enough with those random dinner posts. Sure, if you go somewhere fancy or your significant other makes a meal for you, you want to share it, but you don't have to share a picture of your dinner every single night.

Have You Seen the Sun Recently?

Do you know what it feels like outside? This isn't a joke. Are you wasting most of your time online, instead of getting outside and doing something? Maybe you should put the phone down, or 'log off' for a few hours and get some fresh air. It will do you some good.


Business man sleeping on a laptop computer

This may seem like a post of hatred to social media, but it really isn't. Social media can be great - It's a great way to connect with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and people who share similar interests. But like all good things, moderation is key. If social media is taking over your life, maybe it's time to take a step back.
If you are like a lot of the situations above, maybe you should slow down a bit. There's more to life than likes, favorites, and retweets.




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