Life is full of big questions: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Where do all the single socks go? Most importantly: who makes the biggest mess in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are home to pretty concentrated activity on a daily basis. Male or female, you use the bathroom multiple times every day - to get bathe, to get ready, to brush your teeth, and to use the toilet. All that activity leaves a mess- and of course, someone has to clean it all. But whose mess is worse? Is it women, with all their products and loose hair, or is it men with their sink stubble and poor aim?

Yes, the majority of women did say men - but they allowed that women probably get the sink area messier but men are 100% responsible for "overspray" on the toilet. 

Both men and women went a little further by suggesting that at home, men were the worst, but as far as public bathrooms go - women take the cake: "I actually think it depends on whether you are talking about a public bathroom or a private bathroom. Having had a job at Verona Beach State Park when I was 18, I can say that in public bathrooms it seemed that the women's room was always the one that was more of a mess. In a private home bathroom, I would have to say men because in the middle of the night (or well really any time) we tend to be hit or miss (literally) with our aim," says Myron.

So what do you think? Is it men or women that make a bigger mess in the bathroom? 

BONUS VIDEO (in which we discuss another gross bathroom habit):

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