Radio professionals are always looking to add songs to their play lists that have staying power. It's safe to say that the latest from Kayne West, 'Bound 2', has NO staying power at all. It's James Franco and Seth Rogen to the rescue with a video re-creation that's bound to at least, get people talking about the song and video. They have re-made the video shot-for-shot calling it 'Bound 3' and we ask, ummmmm, why?

If you can stomach Kayne West and a half naked-Kim Kardashian mauling each other for 4 minutes, enjoy the original video here.
Billboardbiz reports:

The original video, directed by Nick Knight (who also worked "Black Skinhead"), featured West straddling his fiancé as the two travelled through greenscreened Arizona scenery via motorcycle.

And now for something really entertaining:

Titled "Bound 3," the video follows the Kanye clip, almost exactly, with Franco playing 'Ye and Rogen as his Kim. That means viewers get treated to a topless Rogen, back hair and all. And yes, Franco and Rogen do make out.