One of the best parts about the 2012 Olympics are the special Olympic issues of all the magazines, which usually have some shirtless man gracing their covers. This time around it’s rugby star Thom Evans and although he may not be an Olympian, he sure has the body of one.

For the August 2012 issue of Attitude magazine, Evans donned a pair of tight-fitting undies and his abs of steel.. and that’s it. Check him out in all his glory below.

It’s images like this one that make us so incredibly jealous of his girlfriend Kelly Brooks. Just think, she gets to go sun bathing with this often half-naked man all the time.

Those two have been together for a while, and at this point she’s become incredibly selfish. Seriously, someone this hot should be shared with the world. So let him loose, Ms. Brooks, so that we can get our chance with him.