Vin Diesel is coming back and he’s as shirtless as ever, folks! You thought he looked hot in ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘xXx’? Get a load of this still from the new ‘Riddick‘ film that’s in the works. Diesel shared it with the world on his Facebook page because, we can only assume, it shows off his abs and that “big stick” he uses in the film.

Wasn’t what you were expecting? Well, then you have a dirty mind.

It looks like Diesel got even more jacked than he already was to play the role of Riddick for the third time. We remember him from the days of ‘xXx’ when he was looking super fine with all those tats, but we can’t think of time when he had more muscle than he does now. Can you? Just to be sure, let’s check out a few shirtless shots of him.