Are you looking for plans this New Years? I was debating going out, but honestly I think it’d be much safer at home relaxing with the girlfriend opposed to sitting at a crowded bar. Also to not sound like an old man, it’s also much cheaper. Our friends over at Glamour came up with a few fun, cheap date ideas for New Year’s, here’s what they suggest:

  • Invite a few couples over for drinks and dinner

    This is way cheaper than a fancy overpriced dinner and probably more fun. You can have a few drinks, and pick at some great treats. Honestly, why not try making a pizza? Here’s a quick and easy recipe.

  • Order take-out and have a movie marathon

    Honestly I could eat Chinese food every day of the week if I could. This is great if you and your special someone want to romantically ring in the New Year. According to IMDB, one of the top DVD rentals of last week was “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. It’s a romantic comedy and could be the perfect addition to your night.

  • Have a game night

    I still haven’t fully recovered from the beating my girlfriend gave me when we played Disney Scene it the other night. Game Nights can make a great evening with friends and family, or even just you and that special someone. Make it even more fun with some cocktails if you’d like. If you add cocktails try this game out:

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