Adele's 'Hello' has been blowing up all across the country, and all across the world (especially in the UK). So what happens when a well-known, smooth-talking voice narrates her music video? Well... It's magical.

Sir David Attenborough - If the name doesn't ring a bell, his voice sure will. He's known for his famous narrations including the TV series 'Planet Earth,' - which first aired in the UK, but within a year and a half was broadcasted in more than one hundred countries. He is also known for the 'Life' collection - a series of shows focusing on everything - from the birds and mammals, to plants and life in the jungle. Pretty much anything that happens on Earth became a part of this series.

The best way describe him would probably be the British version of Morgan Freeman (even though Sir David Attenborough was first to the narrator scene). Now, a well-known and well-spoken narrator takes on a different role - Narrating the beginning of a music video. And it's not just any music video - it's from Adele's latest hit (that is just crushing the charts everywhere).

What a completely different way to see Adele's 'Hello.' Even with the hints of humor, Sir David Attenborough's voice seems to give it this 'informational,' almost even 'important' sound. It really changes the way this whole video starts, and what you feel when listening to the song. It's a whole different take, and it's amazing!




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