There would have to be a pretty good reason to spend some time in a coffin, right?! If the prize package was big enough, do you think you could do it?

Well, this scary challenge is a real thing, being put on by Six Flags during their "Fright Fest" weekends, which start this weekend. Spending 30 hours in a coffin sounds freaky enough, right? But a "slightly used" coffin?? No thanks!

UPDATE: This challenge was first announced at the Six Flags located in St. Louis, Missouri. BUT... more than 25,000 people signed up for the event, so Six Flags decided to offer it at a bunch of their theme parks across the country INCLUDING at Darien Lake in western New York and Great Escape in Lake George. According to Six Flags, participants will have to stay in a 2-foot-by-7-foot coffin for 30 hours, only being allowed out for a six-minute bathroom break every hour. Six Flags says challengers will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which they'll enjoy while laying in their coffin, and will have access to a phone charger, so they can tweet, snap, and post photos of their experience inside the coffin. Of course, Fright Fest zombies, ghouls, and other "creatures" will stop by to "check on" those who take part in the challenge from time to time.

What would the prize have to be to get you to participate in a challenge like this? Seeing as Darien Lake Theme Park is now once again owned by Six Flags and will be putting on this challenge, would you consider taking part in it?

Would season passes to Darien Lake be enough to entice you to enter a contest like this? What about a cash prize?? How much money would it take for you to even attempt this challenge? Or will NOTHING get you to spend that much time in a coffin? We would love to hear what you think - You can always leave a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.

There's a lot more going on at Darien Lake for their "Fright Fest" celebrations. The theme park is open for Fright Fest every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now until October 28th. Friday hours are 6pm to 11pm. Saturday hours are 11am to 11pm. Sunday hours are 11am to 9pm. You can get more details on Darien Lake's "Fright Fest" and other information about the park at:




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