One of the main goals of college is to prepare you for a career and set the table for a good life. Some colleges are better than others at achieving that objective. This week, Syracuse University earned the dubious distinction as the nation's top party school, according to the Princeton Review. But, SU did NOT make another unfortunate list.

USA Today recently published a list of the 50 colleges that pay off the least, when it comes to post-graduation salary numbers.  According to the USA Today article, a company called "24/7 Wall St. reviewed the median earnings, 10 years after matriculation, of former students who received federal financial aid while attending school as a percentage of annual tuition and fees" in order to identify the nation's colleges that pay off the least.

A few colleges in Upstate New York made the "bad" list.

Skidmore, Vassar, Hobart and William Smith, St. Lawrence, Wells, and Hartwick all ranked in the bottom 50 when it came to converting a degree into a strong salary. Here's how they ranked:

  • Hartwick #49
  • Hobart #37
  • Vassar #36
  • Skidmore #26
  • St. Lawrence #24
  • Wells #16

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