Like Netflix, Skype is a dirty tramp of the app world. Not long after we spotted it over in the corner hitting on the Xbox, now it’s gone and jumped the bones of our PlayStation Vitas. And it’s already gotten up on just about every smartphone and tablet known to man.

Available as a free download through the Vita’s PlayStation Store portal, this version of Skype far surpasses the lame-o version the PSP got stuck with. That one provided only voice chat, but the Vita gets the real thing, letting you get visual.

Our favorite thing about Skype on Vita is it makes the system’s previously useless 3G functionality worthwhile. If you subscribe to the AT&T service, which doesn’t let you play online or stream Netflix, now you can fire up the Vita and start up urgent video chats from lands untouched by WiFi. If you’ve got a Vita and its 3G plan, your phone sex capabilities have just been upgraded.

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