Sometimes Sony’s $50-a-year PlayStation Plus program is worthwhile, but most of the time it leaves subscribers thinking “Now why am I giving you guys $50 a year again?” Sony is aware enough that there’s a problem to send out marketing surveys asking gamers how they feel about different offerings and pricing.

According to IGN, one possible deal hooks gamers up with Call of Duty Elite benefits, as well as access to downloadable new releases. Another promises 70 free games a year, 10 of which will be major new releases that are sold in boxes at stores, for about $60 a year.

That version looks a hell of a lot more appealing than a $50-a-year offer that gives you 61 games, taking away nine of the disc-game downloads.

This could be a sign of Sony just testing which way the wind is blowing, but in our experience, surveys like this usually tell you exactly what’s coming before it actually does. They’re just like those notes you used to pass girls back in elementary school that said “Do you like me? Circle one: YES / NO.”

Wait, you didn’t send notes like that? Oh. Uh, neither did we.

In any case, much love to Sony for continuing to make online play free, unlike Microsoft, which sticks multi-player behind its Xbox Live Gold paywall.

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