There's no need to hear the weather forecast to know that something's up. Those slime trails are back on the roads around the Utica area.

This is the first time we've noticed it this season. In case you haven't been around for winter in Central New York the past few years, the road crews are spreading brine solution along key routes in anticipation of a wintry mix. Yes, that's in the forecast for tonight (Thursday, 11/9/17), due to the possibility of rain changing to snow with a good chance of slippery spots on the roads. The problem, as we all know, isn't that it's going to be some epic storm. We're just not ready for this kind of driving yet. And untreated roads can get really slippery even with just a little precipitation at these temperatures. So let's give a big thanks to the road crews for taking this preemptive measure.

Salt Trucks
Julie Denesha/Getty Images

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