College life can be rough - especially if you're a snake.

You hear about all sorts of crazy things going on in college - from wild parties to crazy all-night study sessions - but you don't often hear about a snake getting evicted.

I was especially surprised, because my daughter actually LIVES in the dorm where a snake was found - I had to hear about it from the news. Apparently, my daughter only deems the latest gossip involving kids from her class worthy of a phone call.

The slithering aspiring 'student' was found in an elevator at SUNY Oswego in Seneca Hall. According to the campus police, the snake may have been returning from one of those all-night study sessions, as the first call came in at 4:45am.

"It was described as a small, long yellow reptile that was last seen slithering to the elevator shaft on the first floor. Officers then observed a snake sticking out between the elevator door, which then moved behind a wall and disappeared. Around 9:20pm last night we received a report of the snake being in the ceiling of elevator #1. Officer Bullard deactivated the power to the elevator. Resident Assistant Sarah Slater called Zoology major George Gurgis who stated that snakes prefers a dark environment and warmth. The lights were turned off and Gurgis brought a container containing wood and a heating pack. The snake then made it's way out of the ceiling into the container and was captured. Gurgis removed the snake to an off campus location where another student has snakes as pets."

There are no theories about where the snake came from - because all know it isn't particularly warm in Oswego - but unless the little guy decides to pay tuition - he's going to have to rely on YouTube for hissssss education.

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