We know how to handle the snow in Central New York. Let's face it - this may be a cold, snowy winter, but it's nothing new for us. Unfortunately, that's a different story in the south.


Major Ice Storm Hits Dallas Area
(Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

Winter Storm Quantum moved through the northern Texas area early today - leaving behind quite a mess. As of 1pm on Monday afternoon, reports came in saying most of North Texas had half an inch to an inch of sleet.


Out here that may not seem like such a big deal, but in Texas where snowstorms are not an everyday occurrence - it did cause a lot of issues.


Reports of traffic accidents including a four-vehicle crash involving a semi-truck, and power outages across North Texas were just the start. Several schools cancelled classes due to the weather, and almost 1,000 flights were cancelled for the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Around 6am Monday morning reports of "Thundersleet" started coming in. What is Thundersleet? Well, just like a thunderstorm in the summertime - instead of dropping tons of rain, these storms drop tons of sleet. The video below shows what "Thundersleet" is.



Although most of the rough winter weather has moved out of Texas, a Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the area until Tuesday morning. Some areas could see four to six inches of snowfall. Let that sink in... 4 to 6 inches of snowfall in Texas!


I feel like we're all ready for spring and the warmer months. If Texas didn't feel that way before, I'm sure they are feeling it now!



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