You may think you can't predict snow days or 2 hour delays, but ask your kids. They probably have a few foolproof ways to make sure they don't have to study the 3 R's.

Here in Central New York, snow day season is back and kids will do anything to make sure they get a day off. My kids were very clear last night - you HAVE to wear your pajamas inside out. And for bonus points, wear them backwards. This morning when I informed them that they "only" had a 2 hour delay, my eldest daughter said:

Well, obviously someone didn't have their pajamas on inside out AND backwards.

There are a few other rituals that I hadn't heard of. Brushing your teeth with the opposite hand? Didn't know that one and will have to make sure the kids try that next time. Flush ice cubes down the toilet? They say use one ice cube for each inch of snow you are hoping for. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow? You may wake up with a stiff neck, but you may have increased your snow day odds.

Are there are any other superstitions or rituals that your kids do? Shake a snow globe every time you walk by it? Put a white crayon in the freezer? Do the Snow Dance?


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