Imagine seeing a peacock wandering around your Utica neighborhood. That actually happened and we reported on it. Or, how about a cow trundling down the Parkway? That happened too.

These are rare circumstances of animals spotted here in the Mohawk Valley, outside their natural habitats. Well, it's happening again, this time with owls. But, not just any old owl, but the spectacular Snowy Owl.

This particular owl is indigenous to the Arctic, but a strong breeding season, coupled with an abundance of prey, are factors that have driven the Snowy Owl toward our region.

There have been numerous sightings in odd locations, like in the traffic median outside a drug store in Ilion, with this pic snapped by Ray Laraby:

Credit: Ray Laraby

Here's another shot, taken by Gillian Conde, of a Snowy Owl alongside the Arterial:

Credit: Gillian Conde

So, be on the lookout for these majestic birds this winter in the Mohawk Valley. If you have any questions, they can be directed to the folks from Falcon Watch Utica.