Toward the end of 2017, we told you about the Snowy Owls headed to Central New York, and you shared pictures.

Now, Gary Cranfield and Betsy Waterman have a must-see video of a very chill Snowy Owl. And they're watching something equally strange develop, as the sight they took in is being viewed and shared all over the world.

Waterman, a former SUNY Oswego professor who lives in Sandy Creek and Cranfield, who studied at SUNY's College of Environmental Science and Forestry, made the discovery Saturday, January 20th.

Wanna see the Snowy Owl they saw bobbing up and down on an ice floe in Lake Ontario? Here's the link to the video on YouTube, or click below:

Our story from early December chronicled the migration of these birds away from the Arctic region and toward our region. In recent weeks there have been numerous sightings here of the type of Snowy Owl Betsy and Gary saw.

If you have any other pics or videos of these beautiful birds, please share.


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