A message to Clinton parents from the school superintendent has residents reacting on social media. The source - a student's comments on social media. In the message, Clinton Superintendent Grimm discusses a threat that they believe was made towards Clinton School regarding a potential shooting on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Grimm mentions that they identified the student who made the comments and determined that there was no actual threat.

Today, near the end of school it was reported to our high school principal Dr. Lee that last week while they were observing a social media live chat thread, an anonymous user typed a message that indicated there would be a school shooting on February 28th before lunch.  While Clinton schools were not mentioned specifically, it was inferred because of the context of the dialogue that was occurring.


Dr. Lee immediately investigated the claim and quickly identified the source of the statement, which happened to be a Clinton High School student.  We then conducted an initial threat assessment and determined the threat to be non-viable.  After further consultation with law enforcement and the implementation of our student code of conduct procedures for such incidents, we have concluded that there is no threat to our safety at school tomorrow.  Nonetheless, our school resource officer and other safety team members will be more overtly visible.


I applaud the students who made their parents and the school leadership aware of this incident, and encourage others that “if you see something, say something”. (CCS Website)

The Superintendent indicates that it was other students who originally saw the "live chat" messages and reported them to school leaders. While the school is planning extended security measures by the Resource Officer and Safety Team members, they are remaining open on February 28.

Several community members have already commented that they would be keeping their children home from school, and that the school isn't taking the threat seriously enough. We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as we learn more.


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