How many times have you heard a song you really like but you don't have a clue what the name of it is? It's even more frustrating when you don't know who sings it right? Good news. Lite 98.7 is here to help. 

Consider this scenario: You're driving down Rt. 5, on your way to work in Herkimer, when suddenly you hear the best new song ever. You're smiling, jamming out, singing along, and the tune is really beginning to make your day. Now you REALLY need to know the title and artist, but since you're a responsible driver you don't use your SoundHound app.

When the song ends, you're hoping the DJ's give you some answers, but instead you hear nothing. Matt and Naomi  were engaged in some intriguing water cooler chat and they completely forgot to do their job.  Thankfully, there's a backup plan in place.

Once you're parked, get on our site at, and click the tab that says "Playlist." We list the last 50 songs we played. Below the "Playlist" tab there's another that says "Recently Played."  Click it, and you're "what's that song?" dilemma should be solved. It  tells you title, artist, and exactly what time your new favorite song played.


Matt and Naomi got a chance to chat with this year's Kidabaloo star Corey Fogelmanis AKA: Farkle