Stevie Nicks has been writing songs for years and years.  How does she do it?  Stevie says her songwriting process is pretty much unchanged from how she wrote songs when she was a teenager. 

Stevie Nicks  was fifteen when she wrote her first song and says her inspiration can come from meeting someone or from going somewhere.  For instance, her song 'Italian Summer' was inspired by a  four week trip to Italy.  Stevie says no matter what her age, the things that inspire her are still the same as they always were and all is takes is one beautiful magic moment to trigger a song.  She also has a favorite new song.  It's 'E.T.' by Katy Perry.  Stevie says she's inspired both by the song and by Katy Perry.  Her tour contines thru early September, with Stevie making a stop in Saratoga on August 30th.

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