This is your once in a lifetime chance to own the original booth that the Soprano Family sat in for the final scene of the famous HBO show.

Holsten's, the diner used for the famous last scene, posted on Facebook on the booth is up for grabs on eBay:

The time has come. All good things sometimes need an upgrade. The famous Sporanos booth is getting a much needed face-lift. We are auctioning off the well endeared booth on eBay starting today. Place your bid on this once in a lifetime chance to personally own "the booth". Check out our listing here. Obviously, we aren't going to change the nostalgia of our beloved shoppe...we aren't crazy! Just polishing up the place!"

The owners went on to say how they truly didn't want to get ride of the classic booth, but due to repairs and the restaurant changing styles, they need to part ways:

Please understand that we don't want to do this. But the integrity of the booths are now compromised. They have been repaired many times and this furniture is over 60 years old. Obviously, we do not want to do this, however it has come to a point where they are structurally not safe anymore as a whole and we need to think about the safety of our patrons first."

If you're interested, at the time of this article the booth is on eBay for $13,100. If you're a fan of the show, that's not a lot of Gabagool. You can learn more on eBay here. Check out some photos now:

Own Legendary TV History- Sopranos Booth From Final Episode For Sale

Holsten's, the diner used for the famous last scene, posted on Facebook on the booth is up for grabs on eBay. You can learn more on eBay here.

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