Spectrum is planning another rate increase, raising the surcharge for broadcast television and the price of their most popular cable package, affecting customers in the Utica - Rome area.

Spectrum, who raised rates in early April at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, is planning to raise rates again, as confirmed by StopTheCap.com.

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Spectrum is planning on raising the surcharge on broadcast television from $2.95 to $16.45/month. "Spectrum claims this fee covers the re-transmission costs local broadcasters charge the cable company to carry their channels on the cable system. Spectrum breaks this fee out of the monthly cost of cable TV and places it as a separate line item on your bill." The $2.95 increase will also apply to those with streaming packages.

The company also plans on raising rates on their most popular TV Select package is expected to increase $1.50/month to $73.99/month. If you currently have promotional pricing, you won't see this increase until that pricing expires.

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