“The sad thing is, I like it.”  Having locked in that back-handed blurb/blessing from Maurice Sendak himself in a hilarious interview on his Comedy Central show in Jan. 2012, Stephen Colbert was already on his way to becoming a popular children’s book author. Now, he’s even closer with the scheduled May 8th release of “I Am A Pole (And So Can You!).”

Grand Central Publishing will publish the 32-page book already available for pre-order.  The publishing house released Colbert’s previous tome “I Am America (And So Can You!)” (which the soon-to-be-children’s-classic takes its name from) and forthcoming “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t” (Oct. 2012).

The book follows the journey of a pole in search of a purpose. Without spoiling the ending, the slender metal rod finds his lot in an appropriate Colbert Nation identity.

The (not-so-gracefully) aging Maurice Sendak curmudgeonly curses the current status of the children’s book world in the chat with Colbert that spawned the book and gets a little giddy on marker fumes with the Comedy Central host, too.

We can’t wait to see what he makes a mockery of next.

[via Comedy Central]