We had a marijuana-infused upside-down car at a toll booth right here in Central New York, the simple beauty of Dog Directed Speech, a disagreement about leftovers, a star (female for once) getting in trouble for unsuitable behavior, and more.

Click on the video above for a quick audio montage of the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of March 12, 2018, including these topics:

1. Dog Talk. I read somewhere that our pooches actually like it when we talk to them with those simplistic voices. Experts say there's actually a phrase for it--Dog Directed Speech. Beth had a brilliant idea for a different application of it.

2. Leftover Kismet. That's the phrase Beth uses for the surprise food you discover in the fridge that you had forgotten about. She didn't approve of the other word I came up with for the phenomenon.

3. Tom Brady. Beth's least favorite athlete, the quarterback of the New England Patriots appeared on Stephen Colbert's show and gave the late night TV host a massage. You can imagine Beth's reaction.

4. Upside-down car. It's not every day you see one of those, billowing marijuana smoke, in the middle of the lane at a local toll booth. This week, we did.

5. Katy Perry's issues as a judge on American Idol. The pop star made waves this week not once but twice with inappropriate comments and actions. We "discussed" on our show.


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