We received a letter from a Camden woman who has a nephew who was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis.

If you're not familiar with this disorder, it's really bad one; tumors often grow on nerve tissue and may eventually become malignant. Unfortunately, this disorder affects 1 in 2000 children.

We don't like seeing anyone suffer, especially little kids. We're asking that you consider registering for the 3rd Annual Steps2Cure. The event takes place on Saturday May 21, and sign up details are listed below:

For pledge sheets, and to pre-register, call Amanda: 315-720-2414, or Melissa: 315-271-9307.

You can find additional information on their website, and you can reach them on Facebook too.  Please come out and help us keep hope alive for the 1.5 million people with Neurofibromatosis.


Matt tries the new Peanut Butter Half Moon Cookie.