It seems every day has something special significance associated with it. Monday, May 4th Star Wars, Tuesday, May 5th is Giving day and Teachers' Day, and Wednesday, May 6th starts National Nurses Week. Considering our current situation, there's never been a more important time to recognize a nurses importance and Stewart's Shops is doing just that.

Stewart's' is even taking it a step further and recognizing not only nurses, but Doctors, EMT’s, Healthcare Workers, Police and Fire Fighters. All medical professionals and first responders get a free cup of hot coffee, any size and any time May 6.

We want to say thank you to all of you for your incredible sacrifice and dedication.

Whether you need to get your started, take a break for lunch, or relax after a long day, stop by any Stewart's Shops location and oet them know your a medical professional or first responder and grab a cup of coffee. They'll even make it for you and just the way you like. Start your day, take a break, or treat yourself at the end of a long shift with a cup of coffee on us. Our Partners will even make it for you if you like.

Photo Credit - Stewart's Shops
Photo Credit - Stewart's Shops

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